White v Sinclair

Of the Defendant


1. A Syndicate is defined as a self-organizing group of individuals, companies or criminals formed to transact some specific business or to promote a common interest or in the case of criminals, to engage in organized crime.

2. Included herein as a filing of additional documents attached to my defence is a DVD containing;

  • a. Various images from the website.
  • b. A 2005 CBC news film about Morrisseau fakes & forgeries.
  • c. Films about Morrisseau protege, Ritchie Sinclair’s art.
  • d. A film of Norval Morrisseau initiating Ritchie Sinclair in 1997.
  • e. An Expert Report by Don Robinson on a fake Morrisseau painting.
  • f. A Forensic study of authentic v fake Morrisseau paintings.
  • g. Norval Morrisseau’s sworn Declaration against Gary Lamont.
  • h. A 2009 front page Ottawa Citizen article regarding Morrisseau fakes.
  • i. An unpublished Morrisseau book by Westerkirk Works of Art.
  • j. Jim White’s affidavit about authenticating 23 Morrisseau paintings.
  • k. The 23 Jim White paintings that Morrisseau identified as fake.
  • l. Picture of Jim White sitting in front of a fake Morrisseau painting.
  • m. The Maslak McLeod, Development of Woodland School Catalogue.
  • n. White Distribution’s Giclee catalogue and contract notice.
  • o. Various book title copyright documents and MFF authenticity documents.
  • p. Jim White and Joe Otavnik’s correspondence of August 27 2008.
  • q. Jim White’s letter to nine associates of December 11 2008.
  • r. Jim White’s letter to Michael Moniz – September 25 2007.
  • s. Transcript of Otavnik v Sinclair trial from March 18 2010.
  • t. Volume 1 – Additional Defendant’s documents – Otavnik v Sinclair.
  • u. Volume 3 – Additional Defendant’s documents – Otavnik v Sinclair.
  • v. Maslak McLeod Gallery Catalogue – 2006.
  • w. Maslak McLeod Gallery Catalogue cover – 2000.
  • x. Notices of Libel from the Kinsman Robinson Galleries.
  • y. Sinclair’s affidavit in Otavnik v Sinclair filed on December 14 2009.
  • z. Sinclair’s notice of December 2007 to Jim White about Morrisseau fakes.
  • aa. A 2003 Norval Morrisseau press release regarding fakes and forgeries.
  • bb. A 2005 Globe and Mail article about Morrisseau fakes.
  • cc. Morrisseau’s 2007 press release discrediting the Family Foundation
  • dd. Relevant April 8 2010 Transcripts from Otavnik v Cole.
  • ee. Correspondence between Maslak McLeod and Morrisseau’s lawyers.
  • ff. The Morrisseau Estate’s Statement of Defence in Otavnik v Vadas.
  • gg. A Legal letter sent to Marlowe Goring from Morrisseau’s solicitors.
  • hh. A Bremner appraisal in the Hatfield v Artworld of Sherway action
  • ii. A Morrisseau Newspaper article of 2001 regarding Jim White’s fakes.
  • jj. Amended Defendant’s Claim June 10 2009 – Otavnik v Sinclair
  • kk. Heffel’s auction listings of a fake painting disavowed by Morrisseau.
  • ll. 2010 Elmwood Spa Exhibition Catalogue