Joseph Otavnik v Gabor Vadas (2007)



(Toronto Small Claims Court)

Joseph Otavnik
(art retailer)
Gabor Michael Vadas
(Executor, trustee and sole beneficiary of Norval Morrisseau’s estate)


A 2007 Claim for for damage to property for $10 000.
Status: A 2006 email sent to Heffels disavowed paternity to purported Morrisseau art being offered for auction. This resulted in Mr. Otavnik suiing Norval Morrisseau along with his business manager, Gabor Vadas, for tainting the valuation of his paintings in having them removed from auction. In October 2007 Morrisseau and Vadas journeyed to Toronto to testify in this action and to meet with the R.C.M.P. who were launching an investigation into an alleged fraud being perpetrated on Morrisseau’s name and art. On December 4 2007 Norval Morrisseau passed away from complications related to Parkinson’s disease. On June 9 2008 Mr. Vadas, representing the Morrisseau Estate and himself, settled with Mr. Otavnik for $10 000 plus court costs in a publicly disclosed settlement.
(Allegations contained in these documents were not proven in court)

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