Joseph McLeod et al v Ritchie Sinclair (2008)



Joseph McLeod (c.o.b. Maslak McLeod Gallery)
James White, White Distribution Limited, 
Donna Child, Artworld Inc. (c.o.b. Artworld of Sherway)
Sun Nam Kim (“Sunny Kim”), Gallery Sunami Inc. (c.o.b. Gallery Sunami), 
Jackie Bugera and Bugera Holdings Ltd.(c.o.b. Bearclaw Gallery) 
Ritchie Sinclair 
(Morrisseau’s protégé)


A 21 November 2008 Claim for $17.000.000 for defamation, intentional interference with economic relations, special damages for lost sales of Norval Morrisseau paintings, punitive damages and aggravated damages.

Status: On an Injunction Motion heard Dec 4 and Dec 8 2008 the Honourable Justice Lederer ruled that was to remain active on the internet in the public interest, albeit with a court ordered disclaimer for the interim. In January 2011, days before the case was to be officially declared abandoned by the Superior Court, James White reactivated the case. It appears, however, that White was acting alone. On April 17 2013 this action was finally dismissed as abandoned with costs ordered against the plaintiffs, which were never paid to the defendant.

(Allegations contained in these documents have not been proven in court)

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