James White v Ritchie Sinclair (2010)



(Toronto Small Claims Court)
Judgment at Trial
James White
(c.o.b. White Distribution Ltd. Inc.)


Ritchie Sinclair

A October 25 2010 Claim for $25 000
for defamation and intentional interference with economic relations.
Status: A Jan 13 2011 Court Endorsement provided an opportunity for the plaintiff to add material from this action to his Superior court action against Sinclair, on or before June 1 2011. He did not act. This action presumed dismissed as re-litigation of the Superior Court action against Sinclair was reactivated in Oct 2012 after White filed new materials which triggered a second settlement conference on Nov 7 2012. An Amended Defence was filed on October 3 2014. In 2015 the matter came to trial and the Plaintiff received a $25K Judgment in his favour. No witnesses testified for either side other than the plaintiff and defendant. The plaintiff was represented by Brian Shiller. The defendant was self represented.