James White v Ritchie Sinclair (2010)



(Toronto Small Claims Court)
Judgment at Trial
James White
(c.o.b. White Distribution Ltd. Inc.)


Ritchie Sinclair

(Morrisseau protégé)
A October 25 2010 Claim for $25 000
for defamation and intentional interference with economic relations.

Status: A Jan 13 2011 Court Endorsement provided an opportunity for the plaintiff to add material from this action to his Superior court action against Sinclair, on or before June 1 2011. He did not act. This action presumed dismissed as re-litigation of the Superior Court action against Sinclair was reactivated in Oct 2012 after White filed new materials which triggered a second settlement conference on Nov 7 2012.The Nov 7 2012 Endorsement of Justice Prattas reads as follows:

Matter adjourned as follows:

  1. Plaintiff shall have 45 days to discontinue or dismiss the
    Superior Court action #  CV-08-00366828 and to so advise this court
  2. The Defendant may bring a Motion to Strike the claim returnable
    before me, on Notice. Both parties to file all appropriate Motion
    material at least 15 days prior to the return of the Motion.
  3. New settlement conference to be scheduled before Justice Prattas. The Motion to be returnable on the same day.
  4. In the event that the plaintiff does not discontinue or dismiss
    the aforesaid Superior Court action then the herein Claim shall be
    stayed until the Superior Court action has been finally dispensed.
  5. I am seized.

In 2015 the matter came to trial and the Plaintiff received a Judgment in his favour. No witnesses testified for either side other than the plaintiff and defendant.